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Sivoo provides IT infrastructure for IP video, and has created a digital-media asset management solution to intake, encode, distribute, and monetize video across distribution channels including Internet, mobile, IPTV, and cable using Internet protocol (IP).

This solution is called CEDR, which is an acronym describing the life-cycle of IP-managed video (Capture, Encode, Distribute, and Report). CEDR leverages what we call “cluster-in-cloud computing” in order to radically transform this life-cycle from a cost-intensive, geographically specific, and hardware-dependent process to a cost efficient, decentralized, and software based process that resides in the “cloud”. CEDR has been developed by SIVOO and is proprietary to the Company.

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Sivoo Sivoo

Video is everywhere you look today; on the computer, mobile phone, Internet enabled devices of every stripe, and fast-growing IPTV services. The truth is that consumers are spending more and more time viewing video on these new screens and there has never been a better time to establish a connection with this audience than now.

It’s fast becoming a three-screen world. Isn’t it time you mastered it? At SIVOO, we’re here to help you do just that with services that take your video wherever you want it to be. CEDR from SIVOO is The New Face of VIdeo.

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CEDR System

CEDR System


Sivoo has partnered with the top content, distribution and technology companies from around the world.