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    Sivoo is a technology company at heart, leading the charge globally offering professional and consumer products & services. Video is everywhere you look today; on computers, mobile phones, connected devices, and the fast-growing OTT segment; we have solutions for it all.

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  • Technology

    From our alliance with global data centers, who support our CDN infrastructure, to the mobile and OTT apps that leverage its breadth, we develop platforms for video ingestion, encoding, delivery and viewing. Our mobile platform partnership allows us to offer a class-leading video experience to millions of users in 100s of countries will elevate users and bring eyes to content providers and advertisers.

    • SivooCloud® Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • Mobile Apps
    • OTT Platform
    • Production Services
    • SivooCloud CDN

      SivooCloud Servers strategically located across the globe comprise our CDN solution.


      Los Angeles
      Rio de Janeiro



      Hong Kong

    • Mobile Apps

      Specializing in short form content mobile distribution, and more suitable OTT formats, our content genres are diverse and include local to international programming available as ad-supported, subscription and VOD.

    • OTT Platform

      Sivoo’s OTT platform is a market-ready, white-labelable (hardware/software) OTT dongle aiming to reach cord Nevers, cord cutters, and multi-room subscribers. Our platform changes the game for operators by expanding customer reach with minimal acquisition costs. Take back control of the OTT device and offer the TV experience you envisioned by easily and quickly connecting and growing your subscriber base on your terms, while providing the apps and content consumers know and watch.

    • Sivoo Studios & Encoding Labs

      Production facility with sound stages and green screens

      Encoding and Transcoding Services

      Video Editing, AR/VR and Post-Production Special Effects

      Dubbing and Subtitling

  • Services

    Our proprietary software allows you to easily bring your video online, to TV and mobile platforms. Whether you’re a UGC producer, independent distributor, large-scale aggregator, or MSO we provide the means to bring your content to each of the three screens that today’s consumers use.

    • White Labelling
    • Co-branding
    • Content Acquisition
    • Live Streaming
    • White Labelling

      Both hardware and software highlighting your brand.

    • Co-Branding

      Hardware and software featuring your brand, however clearly showing “powered by SivooTV”

    • Content Acquisition

      We're always forging new relationships with content partners. If you are a content provider, perhaps we should talk...

    • Live Streaming

      With protocols to facilitate on-demand transcoding and distribution of your live program, getting millions to see your airing is easier than ever.


  • SivooTV (All Platforms)

    How do I watch SivooTV?
    SivooTV is available on mobile phones (iOS, Android and KaiOS) and very soon on laptops and TVs.
    Where do I get SivooTV?
    Our streaming app is available on all platform app stores (Kai's KaiStore, Android's PlayStore or Apple's AppStore) — click the download button on this site to expose the app links.
    Do I need Internet service?
    You do not need your own service account, however you will need access to a WiFi access point or a decent cellular signal (a data plan).
    How much data is needed?
    This is a tricky question, standard resolution streams consume up to 1GB/hr; smaller formats will use less. With our library, you can view dozens of shows in an hour — reducing your data load.
    Do I need a newer TV?
    No. Although a SmartTV should be able to access apps, our SivooStick® HDMI dongle will work on any TV that has an HDMI port and either USB charging port or access to a wall outlet.
    Is SivooTV global?
    Yes. So long as you have access to a WiFi connection, you’ll be able to access our app and service anywhere on the planet.
  • Press Relations

    As we grow there will be exciting annoucements and revelations about Sivoo and its partners.

    Date Title Type
    26 July 2021 Sivoo Announces Data Center Expansion PR
  • Media Inquiries

    To speak with someone in a media capacity, please share your contact.


Corporate LobbyAt Sivoo, we take pride in both the quality of service we offer other businesses and the robustness of our platform and networks on which our millions of users depend.

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